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I am available for commercial freelance work, personal commissions and collaborations that appeal to me. Sorry, I will not take your job if the only compensation you can offer is "great exposure."




about twelfthgecko:

Twelfthgecko is my long-time internet handle and name of my small press operation under which I publish my own work and more rarely, the works of others. I have exhibited annually at the MoCCA Festival in New York City from 2006 through 2012 and have also attended PACC (Philly Alternative Comic Con) and APE (Alternative Press Expo, San Francisco), among others. Notable clients include NBC Universal subsidiary and MTV Books. Full resume forthcoming!  

about kiki:

I sleep hanging upside-down from the ceiling, like a bat. Also, I graduated from School of Visual Arts' BFA program with with high honors and $200k in loan debt!

hobbies: coffee, gardening, dodging collection calls




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what does "twelfthgecko" mean?

It was my screenname when I was 13 because I thought it looked and sounded cool. I've been putting off coming up with a better origin story than that for the past ten years.