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04.18.13: Twelfthgecko Press will be tabling at ZINEFEAST on May 5th among some other very talented artists and zine-makers. ZINEFEAST will be held at SUNY Purchase and starts at 2:00 PM. Check the official site for directions, full exhibitor list and more!

04.01.13: I have work in two zines being released this month: a flesh-eating zombie geisha babe in the debut issue of "Milky Blood" zine (issue title: "Sweet Tooth"), and some sweet boy-on-boy for Evangelion fanart zine "Red Cross Book" (also its debut issue). Check out the links for pre-order and more!



07.10.12: Twelfthgecko Press will be exhibiting at the Sugar Does New York Art and Fashion Show this Friday, July 13th. "Sugar is a night of collective artistry supporting emerging and underground female talent, gathering different genres of artists from music, fashion, photography, fine, and graffiti art into one venue in an innovative and non-traditional manner." More info and tickets ($15 presale, $20 at the door) available here. Hope to see you! :3

04.22.12: Twelfthgecko Press will have a table at the MoCCA Festival here in NYC this coming weekend (April 28th & 29th), table J7, details at, come visit if you are in the area!! I'll have minicomics, silkscreen prints, etc! Also, if you are looking to find me, my current hair color is BLUE! xoxo

01.01.12: I'm pleased to announce I did the cover art for Khybot's new album, Vampirez! You can download the album (for FREE!) at!



09.28.11: Twelfthgecko Press will be at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco this coming weekend, October 1st and 2nd! APE will be held at the Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th Street. If you live in the SF area please come out and say hi! It's a long way from our home in dirty New York and we'll be selling only our finest wares! xoxo

04.13.11: The art section and my Etsy shop have both been updated! Check 'em out!

04.11.11: Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at MoCCA this year, I had a lovely time! Feel free to drop me a line if you saw me! ( And thanks to all my great friends who helped me out!

02.08.11: You can now follow Twelfthgecko Press on Tumblr!

01.07.11: Hmm...all quiet on the website front; however, you may want to check out the blog which has had a lot of updates lately! xoxo



10.03.10: Twelfthgecko Press has a Katamari Damacy piece up for auction as part of a fundraiser Floating World Comics (based in Portland) is putting on for their local charity, JOIN. JOIN is a non-profit that "works to connect the street to the home" and 100% of the proceeds will be going to them. You can bid on a one-of-a-kind 11 x 17 archival print of my piece HERE, on E-bay, for just a few more hours now. Also check out ALL of these badass Katamari-inspired pieces @

8.17.10: Author John Reed's book Tales of Woe hits stores today with two of my illustrations in it. Put out by MTV Press, the book is available online (Amazon) and at major retailers like Barnes & Nobles. Read more...

8.01.10: Twelfthgecko Press will be at Philly Alt Comic Con on SUNDAY, AUGUST 8th, 12-6 PM at The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St.) in Philly. Come meet me!

7.26.10: For sketches and works-in-progress, introducing the Twelfthgecko Press Blog:

6.1.10: You can now follow Twelfthgecko Press on Facebook via the Twelfthgecko Press Facebook Page! :D


4.02.10: For our fifth year running, Twelfthgecko Press will have an exhibitor's table at the MoCCA festival on April 10th and 11th at the 69th Regiment Armory at Lexington Avenue and 25th Street in New York City. This year we will be debuting two new miniminicomics ("Q&A with Kiki" and "Kiki's Moleskine") and a preview minicomic of next year's release, "Pierette," as well as a handful of limited-edition, hand-pulled silkscreen prints. And, as always, there will be free stickers galore. That's right, GALORE. Please stop by and say hello! More info here. xoxo Kiki



8.19.09.: The Twelfthgecko Etsy shop is tentatively up and running with some original acrylic mini-paintings! Go check it out! Everything is $20 or less!

8.30.09.: New stop-motion animation! Meet Cyclops-Chan as he runs around my desktop! XD

5.27.09: As per tradition, Twelfthgecko Press will have an exhibitor's table at the MoCCA festival (our fourth year!) on June 6th and 7th at the 69th Regiment Armory at Lexington Avenue and 25th Street in New York City. This year we are debuting two new books: the vampire comic Danse Macabre, and a 40-page multi-artist collaboration anthology, ECTOPLASM. Please stop by and pick up our new books, as well as some of your old favorites! For more info about the MoCCA convention, click here! Thanks everyone, we hope to see you there! xoxo


5.8.2009: "Heartbitten," the core illustration from "Greeting Cards for Your Ex," has been featured as a daily deviation on deviantART. SCORE.



12.11.2008: Some Twelfthgecko illustrations have been featured on the digital gallery The Red Realm along with some other great dark/macabre artists, check it out!

08.29.2008: The special finale ending for "Crush" will be released on on Wednesday, September 17th. See you then! <333

06.26.2008: has launched my new weekly series, "Crush", a juicy social drama where you get to control the action! "Crush" updates every Wednesday (right at 12 AM) and at the end of each comic is a poll where you get to vote for what the main character, Alise, does next. Check out Part One and Part Two and place your vote! <3 "Crush" will update weekly through the end of August.

06.10.2008: Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Twelfthgecko Press table at MoCCA this past weekend! We had a great time and met some awesome people! <3 Check out some of our photos here!

06.02.2008: Twelfthgecko Press will be exhibiting at the annual Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival on Saturday, June 7th and Sunday, June 8th in New York City. Please come visit Kiki and the friends of Twelfthgecko Press and grab some books, prints, stickers, or even an autograph! <333 The MoCCA Art Festival is a growing convention of talented cartoonists and illustrators that only comes once a year, so don't miss out! Doors open at 11:00 AM each day and close at 6:00 PM. Directions and more information can be found at the MoCCA website:

04.09.2008: new comic on gURL! A Crash Course in Coffee will teach you all about the enigmatic world of barista-ing! plus there's a little sidestory romance between two fictional characters. enjoyyy.

03.24.2008: tegakie users, twelfthgecko now has a tegakie blog!

02.10.2008: it is with great regret that Twelfthgecko Press has had to cancel its plans for the 2008 Anime Boston Artist's Alley. multiple catastrophes have made it impossible for us to attend the con, but we will still be seeing you at MoCCA 2008, June 7th and 8th this year! our most sincere apologies to those of you hoping to visit our table in Boston.

02.15.2008: new comic up on! check out "Pop Rocks: My Anti-Drug" and stay drug free! xoxo xxx




11.08.2007: New comic up on! It's an uber-cute story about trying to take care of your crazy punk boyfriend after a night of moshing in the pit at one of his punk shows. Check out "First Aid With Your Crazy Punk Boyfriend" today! And you can now leave comments on the comic at the NEW AND SHINY Comix Blog! 8D

10.17.2007: The first of two short webcomics done especially for is finally up on the site! Go here to read the comic ("How to Get That Amazing Rock Star Hair") and learn all of Kiki's totally banging hair stylin' secrets! Cha-ching!

09.19.2007: The Twelfthgecko Cafepress has been closed while we look for a better way to make Twelfthgecko merchandise available over the internet. If you are interested in purchasing Twelfthgecko merchandise at this time, please contact Kiki at We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

08.10.2007: now has a shoutbox on the comics page where you can leave comments! cha-ching! XD

06.24.2007: Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Twelfthgecko Press table at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival this weekend! We had a great time despite some of the printing catastrophes from earlier this week, and expect to be back next year with an even bigger table and more awesome books and prints. We really appreciate the support -- all of you who came to visit were just fantastic. We'll see you next year!

Kiki on the left and Jackie on the right!

04.24.2007: The Twelfthgecko CafePress is now up and running with six mini button designs available for purchase! 8D Choose from Austin L'Audace, Julian Faust, Pollux Brighten, Blackwood and Casablancas, Icarus, or Cupid! A sweet deal at $1 each!

03.12.2007: Twelfthgecko Press will be exhibiting The Industry, Dead Little Princes, Icarus and other related prints and merchandise at the 2007 Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival in New York City on Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th. This is the second year Kiki will be showing at the convention, so come stop by, say hello, and get some Twelfthgecko merch! I can't wait to see some familiar faces from last year and hope to see some new ones, too. More information will be posted closer to the convention date, but for now you can view the exhibitor list here.


02.07.2007: Twelfthgecko Studios debuts with its very first animation, a two-minute stop-motion silent short featuring the pompous Daruma, the hungry hungry LOLzilla, and...CAKE. 8D I've wanted to do stop-motion animation since I was nine or ten, but never had the resources...until now! Bwah ha ha ha. Check it out below or on YouTube!





08.08.2006: The Industry gets reviewed on Drake Comics. The only catch's all in Spanish! ¡Ja ja ja ja! Basically, they say some nice things about my style ("la sinceridad creativa de Jones me convenció y me hace pensar que el producto de la invasión japonesa será algo más que los cientos de métodos idiotas de 'Como dibujar manga'"), recommend The Industry to your little sisters, and call me weird ("una de esas extrañas ñiñas a las que les gustan los cómics"). Thanks, Drake Comics! 8D